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Most of those gathered here are Anglicans, but that is not a requirement for belonging to the List.' The web site provides information about how to subscribe.St Bede's Anglican Mailing List 'We are members of the worldwide Anglican Communion, friends of Anglicanism and seekers.It continues with this purpose but also now features much discussion of Anglican music spirituality, history, personalities, issues, trends, and philosophies.'Common Worship An email discussion group hosted by COIN (Christians on the Internet) for people to discuss aspects of Common Worship, to speak freely about Common Worship and to swap ideas and best practice with others as clergy and lay people alike get to grips with the new material. 'If you have questions about Common Worship, you need help with any particular material, you're looking for ideas about how to use it, you've got some hot tips or bright ideas, then this is the place to be! To subscribe, go here and scroll down to Common Worship.C-Spice A mailing list for the spouses and fiancés (or cées) of clergy -- or anyone contemplating a serious relationship with a member of the clergy.

Membership is usually open to all interested persons, within the bounds set by the list organizers.There are plenty of good websites devoted to the nature of God, and plenty more (usually clergy-centred) which exist to promote a particular point of view, but none that we know of, primarily for and by the laity, on the who and why and which and what of all strains of Anglican worship.' Magdalen An email list, whose information page says: 'A place for conversation, fellowship, and friendship.One might think of it as an English pub, where folk come to find food to sustain their bodies, drink to cheer their spirits, and friends to share their lives.None of the automatic processing software that subscribes you to email lists (and unsubscribes you from them) can deal with mail in any format other than plain text, and most of the subscribers to such lists are displeased when people send list members messages in formats other than plain text.Anglican Women Circle Chat (AWCC) From June Maffin, the list owner: 'This mailing list is for Anglican women around the world to network, make connections, share resources, stories, opinions, dreams, frustrations, questions, prayer concerns; whatever is of interest to members'.

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