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After a few days of the council, PPP-linked leaders of BSO began blaming the chairman, secretary general and other senior leaders that they had overpowered BSO and compromised its powers in favor of tribal chieftain.Few days later, PPP-linked lobby announced division of BSO and established another faction and named it BSO-Anti Sardar. Hai and his other companions conducted the 1976 council session on the call of tribal chieftain, and they had not taken the members into confidence, therefore, the independent status of BSO remained no more.On the other hand the other faction, the Hai group (the faction led by Dr.Hai was called Hai group) blamed the leaders of BSO-Anti Sardar that they are the men of PPP and intelligence agencies who want to breakdown BSO, Hai group was satisfied with its link with NAP and other Baloch leaders.PPP’s Chairman Zulfiqar Ali was in prison against the accusation of Qausuri’s murder case.Zia felt that Baloch are angry at Bhutto, because he had conducted military operations against Baloch nation in 1970, and he had jailed Baloch nationalists, therefore, Zia, intentionally, released all Baloch nationalists and announced amnesty for rest of the others.Political ups and downs granted political maturity to the leaders of BSO.Both factions of BSO felt that the mutual top position is not in favor of Baloch Freedom Movement, and both factions should unite over the struggle of national freedom.

Therefore, the leadership of BSEO decided to remove the word ‘educational’ from the title of the organization to make it a pure and complete political organization.

After the removal of the word ‘educational’, the name of the organization became Baloch Students Organization (BSO).

Baloch students from all over the world attended this council session.

The link exposed when all the former leaders of BSO Anti-Sardar faction joined PPP.

The leader of Anti-Sardar faction Abdul Rahim Zafar acknowledges this fact many a times in his book ‘ Sing-e-Larzan’.

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This gave an opportunity to the Baloch students to begin pure political activities.

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