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It is relatively simple to confirm a fatal massive thromboembolus in the initial stage of thoracic investigations, but sometimes it might be difficult to distinguish this from postmortem clot.

In such cases histopathological examination can help in the differentiation.

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Pulmonary Thrombo Emolism (PTE) is an important disease for legal medicine.

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Furthermore, the autopsy operator needs to investigate the pathology of PTE as a cause of sudden cardiovascular death.Histological examination is also required for observation of chronological changes of the thrombi.Chronological evaluation is an important factor especially to determine whether the death coincides with the date of a specific accident/event or instead there is an earlier onset of PTE.Wenn Sie die passende Zeitspanne gewählt haben, bestätigen Sie den Vorgang mit "OK".Wenn Sie nun erneut auf den Song klicken, haben Sie die Möglichkeit, den Befehl "MP3 Version erstellen" auszuwählen. Sie klicken den Befehl an und kopieren die ausgewählte Zeitspanne des Songs.

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