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However, nowadays rather than being consumed to keep monks alert through evenings of prayer, coffee is a popular stimulant drunk in the workplace and many offices supply coffee to employees to enhance their productivity.Coffee is in fact the world’s second most valuable traded commodity, highlighting the significant influence it has over our lives.Users were allowed to consume other substitute stimulants so that any changes to the habits and productivity could be documented.The results of all participants over the two week testing period can be found in the infographic we created above.Upon this realisation, Kaldi reported his discovery to a local monastery where the beans from the red berries were crushed down to form the basis of a drink – Coffee was born!On this basis, coffee has been used as a stimulant drink dating back to 800AD.

This research has the potential to be extended by investigating the effects of caffeine on participants in a more scientific, rather than subjective approach.

In addition to the survey, participants were asked whether their habits had changed, and any observations were documented in the final report.

Strong Vend took measures to ensure no participants consumed coffee around the office.

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The results demonstrate that drinking coffee does affect the work rate and that regular consumption of coffee increases the motivation, mood and overall productivity in the office.

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