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This was the first time anyone other than her husband had seen the 65-year-old naked for over 40 years — yet somehow, posing nude on a photographer’s set teeming with complete strangers, her nerves gave way to a feeling of intense liberation.Of course, it helped that Angela’s life-modelling debut came posing for celebrated fashion photographer Rankin, whose portfolio includes, among countless others, the Queen, Madonna and Kate Moss.It took David about six months to come round to the idea of me posing nude regularly, but now he and my sons are incredibly proud of me.The director of RAM (the nearest thing to a union life models have), Rachel Mc Carthy, is a life model herself.Facing my fear and posing nude seemed the perfect way to redefine myself.’After a quick Google search, Angela joined the RAM, expecting to start her career with a local art class.Instead, her first call was to pose for Rankin as part of a collaborative documentary with Channel Four called Desire — the oldest of six models on the shoot.I appreciate every line on my face because I know each one adds character to a painting.

strode out into the room, completely naked.’From her first class, she was hooked: ‘It was amazing to see myself through the students’ eyes — one gave me some of his sketches to take home, and I’ll admit Martin was shocked when he came home to find them on the kitchen table.But having been forced, due to ill health, to retire from her job in 2009, Angela — mother to Guy, 39, and Adam, 45 — from Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, had found herself increasingly despondent about the future.‘To a certain extent my 25-year-long career had defined me.Towards the end I had been struggling with the menopause and since leaving had steadily piled on weight.Besides being cast in bronze she has appeared in works of art that have sold for thousands of pounds.One, The Ageing Dancer, by Italian figurative painter Michele Del Campo, is currently on sale for £7,500 — although Susan doesn’t earn anything like that amount for posing.

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Instead she moved into secretarial roles, but after having her twins she didn’t know what to do about getting back into work.

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