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Dogs don’t just make you look more attractive – they also make you seem more happy, relaxed, and approachable. Researchers have found that when it comes to short term relationships, women find guys with big muscles more attractive. Andrews in Scotland and author of “In Your Face: The New Science of Human Attraction,” found that men appear more attractive in photos when the photos were taken within 5 minutes of them talking to a friendly woman.So whether you’re looking for your ideal partner on or attracting new customers to your company, consider posting a pic of you and Mr. However, when it comes to longer term relationships, women were more attracted to less muscular men. Men in these photos were seen as “significantly happier” and perceived as a more attractive option for a long-term partner compared to photos that had been taken after they’d spent 5 minutes waiting alone.The researchers theorized that facial hair signifies maturity and masculinity, with a side helping of dominance and aggression. A scruffy look ala David Beckham beat out clean shaven by a whopping 20%.That being said, this heavy stubble look isn’t for everyone. If your beard’s patchy, sparse, or otherwise not aesthetically pleasing, it’s probably best to just shave it.So next time you take a selfie in your car, remember to buckle up first!

Want to instantly convey that you’re both responsible and nurturing? Pet ownership, real or implied, gives your “datability” factor a boost because it communicates that you can make a long-term commitment and provide life’s basic necessities to another living being.Unless you’re lucky enough to get mistaken for Brad Pitt’s stunt double, chances are your profile picture could use some 1 attraction points. These profile photo “hacks” are based on science and really work!Want to choose your best profile picture for Facebook, attract more women on Tinder, or make sure your Whats App profile pic is the very best it can be?And if you’re thinking about including one in your online dating photo lineup, think twice.Zoosk discovered that selfies decrease the number of messages you receive by 8%.

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