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It was fanatastic news that they turned into a real life couple and tremendously sad that it didn't work out.But what on earth is Tiffany's assistant doing, defending Tiffany and calling Roy a liar in public?!Responding to the claims, Yu Fen emphasised that she merely visisted Roy once and said, ' When are things going to end?

Tiffany Tang's assistant recently refuted Roy Qiu's claims that he ended his two-year romance with Tiffany months back, claiming that the couple has never agreed on a breakup.I guess for this matter to settle, the public just needs to hear a word from Tiffany herself. Just because she may 'look' innocent doesn't mean she is. Just because she may 'look' innocent doesn't mean she is.I mean why won't she come out or at least try to stop her assistant? I mean why won't she come out or at least try to stop her assistant?She stated, "When many people told Tiffany that they had seen Taiwanese model/actress Tia Li visiting Roy in Shenzhen, he sent Tiffany a text message to explain and said that Tia had visited only once.But later, Roy's manager stated that Roy and Tiffany had broken up three or four months ago, but Roy never told Tiffany he wanted to break up."Meanwhile, when asked about his opinion regarding the accusations thrown at him, Roy responded, "I am very sad and embarrassed about the way this relationship has been reported." You never know.

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