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Scotland is a land of rugged, timeless beauty and windswept moors, resilient against centuries of subjugation.

The terrain makes Scottish heroes hard, tough and robust.

We love this hero for his unfailing courage in facing the powerful forces aligned against him and for his loyalty to his woman, his family and his clan.

The Scottish hero also has the advantage of being surrounded by strong women who challenge and tease him.

“Scottish alphas are the ultimate romance hero with Vikings running a close second,” says Kate Robbins (Promised to the Highlander). They fight with valor and love their heroines with abandon.

Whether a nobleman or commoner, they are passionate about their beliefs and their clansmen.

Making them all sound different in words took time and research, but it gave them their own flavor.” “I decided when I started writing my Mackenzies/Mc Bride series (beginning with The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie), that I wouldn’t try to represent a heavy dialect,” Jennifer says.

“Two reasons for this: First, I didn’t want to see my manuscript page peppered with apostrophes.

“ Which is not to say that the heroes’ physical attributes don’t draw readers, too, along with their undeniable alpha status. Our general understanding of Highlanders and their history make them especially perfect for the stories we adore so much.

“The Scottish hero has a different, very distinct appeal than other heroes,” says Paula Quinn (The Wicked Ways of Alexander Kidd, coming in October.) “As a writer and a reader, there’s nothing more intriguing than a Highland hero.

It’s association by terrain, by culture, and by sound.

I hint at the accent every once in a while, but write it in straightforward speech.

The great thing, though, is that there are audiobook versions of my Scottish historicals.

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