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By "every change" I mean Tortoise SVN's "Commit" button.

It removes the deleted files, adds new ones, and commit the changes.

For a network drive, verify that you have read, write, and modify permissions for the team directory.

For an SVN server, verify that you have full access to the repository.

At least these are the ones I know of, but there may be others as well.

(I just press "All" and push Commit in Tortoise.) Rabbit VCS is available for Linux, but the cli version's Not that I really advise doing this.

again and the issue seemed to have resolved itself (I have received all the changes which were already present locally before the weird sync thing).and it successfully verified every revision (over 2400). So I checked out a new copy and replaced the old version. I just moved my repositories to another server by copying the pasting the files in the appropriate folder. With the re-install and update of all the devs computers to Windows 7 64 bit, the question ... I installed from scratch an ubuntu 14.04 machine, installed a LAMP stack and subversion.Those commits were composed of additions (adding source code and generated static files for a new website) and deletions (removing old website source code and data).At some point I’ve updated the content, re-generated the website and wanted to commit the modified files again.

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