Yonghwa seohyun dating for real

Final word-ignore the comments and go on the thrill ride that is Doctor Stranger-you won't regret it.This is the only drama I have not skipped a boring conversation. writer and second the director right, surely they responsible in storyline, roles, etc.

Best romance couple so far out of a 100 dramas I have seen. She was a much better match and the main one I didn't like her characher nor the actress.it's a shame that sometimes the producers choose the actress only based on popularity or other bad reasons...really disappointed in that,it ruined it for me Jin Se Yeon is good female lead to Lee Jong Suk :) no doubt I don't have problem for her acting, I'm touched in her sincere expressions, it means she's effective in my eyes, she can act, thanks I'm not bias and I appreciates the efforts of actors, I agree she is pretty calm hir, she is suits to Lee Jong Suk performance, I definitely agree but her role is weak sometimes, but she is not bad.. Jin Se Yeon is best and cute lead she is deserves a roles that was best for her. I still like Jae Hee/Seung Hee character here a lot..heehehee even when she may sound messy....

my only take so far is not so much on the love triangle altho like others i really like KSR and LJS to be together however my observations are that the chairman and the PM's conspiracies are just too much - e.g.

a lot of times the competitions are seemingly more impt than the welfare of the patients in this drama! I just can't over from this yet...repeating all Hoonhee scenes....

...i believe Soo Hyun fall for Hoon because of the phyical touch they had that she probably did not experience with her boyfriend Park Jae Joon.she is ready to leave her bf for Hoon... What if she find another man she fall for again after Hoon???

...being said she is not really a bad person..has so many things to like though she maybe selfish at times ...

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